Online Kinyarwanda courses

for diaspora & foreigners

The online school of Kinyarwanda - suitable for kids, students, adults and professionals

Limited places

Included in this offer

  1. 8 hours of Kinyarwanda lessons per month (perfect for consistent progress) or unlimited live lessons (perfect for quick result)

  2. Complete freedom to arrange your lessons at the time and date convenient to you

  3. Live online lessons by experienced teachers

  4. Course taught in English with slides in English

  5. Audio, videos, and ebooks are available for free

  6. Monthly billing

  7. Easy cancellation policy - 30 days notice.

  8. Confirmation by email

Reviews from a former student

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Reviews from a former student

Useful information

When are the lessons?

  • Classes are available 365 days a year

    • from Monday to Sunday

    • 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

You book the lessons on the date & time you want!

  • You select the slots of your choice and book your course

  • You receive a confirmation email in your calendar with the lesson link

  • Each lesson has a specific number corresponding to your progress

How are the lessons delivered ?

  • Lessons are presented on slides written in either English or French depending on the student's preferred language.

Live lessons are delivered 1-on-1 or in a small group with a teacher

  • Lessons are given daily on Google Meet with the link provided to the student when booking

  • The lessons are interactive sessions with a heavy emphasis on practicing Kinyarwanda in a way suitable for a foreigner.

  • Lessons last between 45-60 minutes

How do I practice by myself?

You have access to our student portal, an online learning platform open 24/7

  1. All learning materials are available in audio, digital, and video formats.

  2. It includes lessons, practical exercises, and corrections

  3. All language supports are available in English

Who are the teachers ?

All our teachers are native speakers of Kinyarwanda and bilingual in English

  1. are patient, understanding and supportive

  2. have published learning books in Kinyarwanda

  3. have extensive experience teaching foreigners online

Course content


  • Grammar

  • Vocabulary

  • Conjugation

  • Sentence construction

  • Basic and Advanced Kinyarwanda

  • Oral and written expression



14 hours of lessons aimed at equipping you with ready-to-use phrases and sentences to interact and survive during all daily conversations in Kinyarwanda.

These sessions cover the most common situations and interactions you are likely to encounter in Kinyarwanda as you develop your skills.

BASIC CURRICULUM: Lessons L1- L138 lessons

138-156 hours of lessons aimed at equipping you with the skills and ability to create your own Kinyarwanda sentences, gain autonomy and confidence in Kinyarwanda.


WEEKLY TEST AND WRITTEN PRACTICE: Every 7 lessons you will take a short validation test to ensure that you have memorized the content you have learned. This written text can take several forms: conjugating, constructing sentences, correcting or writing a text, recording a presentation, and more.

WEEKLY CONVERSATION: The first lesson after your weekly test is a conversation session where you practice your new skills in Kinyarwanda grammar, vocabulary, conjugation, and sentence construction with the teacher.

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